Friday, March 2, 2007

eDrug Search Hijacked by Sleazy Link Farm

Just days after announcing the official launch of the Web site, we find that visitors ar redirected to a "link farm" that panders to online Canadian drug sources.

This is disturbing for two reasons: (1) the site may have been hijacked or, worse, taken down by government authorities, and (2) promised to "enable consumers to quickly access safe, affordable prescription medications through an easy-to-use search engine," but now all bets are off and the site's reputation suffers every day that visitors to the site are hijacked by the link farm, which obviously doesn't vett the sites it links out to.

I have emailed Cary Byrd, the president and founder of, to get more information.

As you may know, I plan to interview Cary in an upcoming podcast ironically titled "Can You Find Reputable Canadian Drugs Online?"

Maybe the answer is "No!"


Anonymous said...

Hello John,

Sorry for the delay but I never received your email. However, the good news is that is a highly secure site, and consumers have nothing to worry about in joining our community or ordering products through our participating pharmacies.

The bad news is that I had a blond moment that would make Paris Hilton proud.

Late last night, after purchasing some new domains through my registrar, I decided to park them on the domain parking page. I was successful in pointing the new domain names to this page -- but accidentally included the url, causing a global DNS change.

In other words, it was a keying error -- and in no way a security issue.

The problem should be resolved soon. I'm sure my personal embarrassment will linger much longer.

PharmaGuy said...

Glad to hear it wasn't anything more ominous or serious!