Thursday, March 1, 2007

Holy War in Pharma Blogosphere Over Gardasil!

Jim Edwards of BrandweekNRX won't let up in his holy war against other bloggers in this space who disagree with him over the issue of mandatory HPV vaccination.

According to Jim, if you are against mandatory vaccination, you are pro-cancer and worse -- you are "anti-science"!

"This is a debate between those who believe science can cure disease," say Jim, "and those who believe religion (or 'abstinence,' which is the current buzzword to describe religious solutions to STDs) can cure disease." (See "JAMA Survey makes Gardasil Debate Even More Confusing".)
Them's fighting words, Jim! And it's hogwash!

Of course, I am dismayed to find myself on the same side of this issue as perhaps the religious right is, but Jim seems to have lost all his journalistic sense if he thinks ergo I agree with the religious right on the power of religion vs. science!

How dare you make that assumption! Meet me at dawn in the grave yard behind Christ Church in Phila, if you dare. I'll bring the pistols!

P.S. I think all the "bad" PR over mandatory vaccination is helping Gardasil sales (see "Does Merck Need a Vaccine for Bad PR?"). What do you think?

Will the Controversy Over Mandatory Vaccination Help or Hurt Gardasil Sales?
It will definitely help
It might help
I don't know
It could hurt
It definitely will hurt

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