Monday, March 5, 2007

Rost Retires, Relapses, Returns, Redacts

First, he's out, now he's back!

Just when you thought it was safe to take up Rost's mantle of Sexual Pharma Blogger extraordinaire -- hold on there Jack! -- Rost returns and redacts his pledge to blog no more!

For more on this and Rost's reasons for returning to the Blogosphere, see "Blog Addiction."

What the Hell Is This?

Rost includes this image of a what I assume is a crack bong in his post:

I assume it's a crack bong because of the file name (crack3.jpg) and because Rost is talking about addictions and so on. But I thinks it's really a sex toy -- note the little knobs!

Yep! Peter's at it again!

1 comment:

Peter Rost said...

My hands are starting to shake again. I'm at the airport and I can't even resist reading other people's blogs, like this one. Six days away from the blog world has left me a wreck. As for the picture . . . if you know what it is you're in trouble.