Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New pharma blogs popping up like zits

That's how Peter Rost (Question Authority) describes what's going on in The Pharma Blogosphere. Rost rivals Jack Friday (Pharma Gossip) as the most prolific "pharmastromer" discovering new orbs in our sphere. The latest sighting is Pharmalyst, which Rost claims is written by a student who wants to get into the drug industry.

A month or so ago, when I launched The Pharma Blogosphere, there were about 25 blogs in our member list. The First Ever Pharma Blogosphere Survey covered only 22. Now there are more than 40 blogs on the list.

Let's see...Pharma Blogosphere was launched and was quickly followed by a doubling of blogs in the sphere. Coincidence? I think not, thank you very much!

Of course, not all of these blogs are equally valuable. Some are not truly 100% focused on the pharmaceutical industry. Some are as common, minuscule, and dormant as asteroids, some are over-rated gaseous giants, and some are verdant planets rife with life!

Pretty soon we're going to need a scorecard!

For now, I suggest that readers refer to the "Topics" list on the right. The more often a blog is mentioned in posts here, the higher it appears on the Topics list and the more significant the blog is, at least in my eyes. Right now, that's the best scorecard there is.

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