Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Speaking of Renegade Blogger Ethics or Lack Thereof

Peter Rost over at Question Authority recently recommended "an interesting new blog, started by John, an anonymous Pfizer sales rep" (see "New Pfizer Blog . . .").

For some reason John uses graphics from my blog (Pharma Marketing Blog), but doesn't have the common courtesy to link back to the source or give me any credit.

He also uses a logo from my web site with a link to a youTube video that I had nothing to do with, which is misleading and unethical.

But WTF should I expect from a Pfizer sales rep?

How do drug companies heard these cats anyway?!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I did apologize for posting his logo which was random from a google of pictures it wasn't meant as a precursor to a link. I have made the correction with no harm intended. I am definitely not your average Pfizer rep for sure. I also am not a professional blogger just a guy trying to make a point..having some fun too
John S from

. said...

Dear Dr. Mack,

Thank you so much for this great post. I sincerely hope that if I do something wrong, you will gently help me with your comments. I might do something wrong, but my intentions are positive. I HATE VERY MUCH not getting credit for my intellectual property.

Nice Job of Speaking Up.


PharmaGuy said...

To John S,

Thanks for the clarification. I also use graphics from Google searches, but I thought you grabbed mine directly from my site. You understand that I am sensitive about my "brand" and my logos are recognized by many people on the Internet.

Still, I appreciate the attribution and welcome you to The Pharma Blogosphgere!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I note that this blog had also pinched a Karen Katen cartoon I'd pasted together for one of my own posts. I guess I can't complain as I never gave credit to either of the two Google Image sources I used for the pastiche. Still, we're all friends here aren't we?

I wonder why there is a sudden rush of Pharma Blogs? Are there a lot of ex-reps with time on their hands now, perchance?

I like "John's" new one, though...

PharmaGuy said...

OK, you caught me!

Like everyone else, I search Google for images and use them to illustrate my posts. I may even copy cartoons from blogs (although I don't recall the one you are talking about).

Usually, however, I do not grab survey result screens and post them without mentioning the source. Nor do I use logos and trademarks except when talking about the owner of the logo or trademark.

Those are the kinds of uses I was complaining about.