Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Welcome Pfizer Rep Bill of Rights Blog!

Now that "John S," the anonymous blogger over at Pfizer Rep Bill of Rights Blog has apologized for using my stuff without giving me credit and sullying my good brand image (see "Speaking of Renegade Blogger Ethics or Lack Thereof"), I feel it appropriate to welcome this blog into the fold!

Also, let me apologize for suggesting that John S was a typical renegade sales rep that needed some herding.

"I am definitely not your average Pfizer rep for sure. I also am not a professional blogger just a guy trying to make a point..having some fun too."
"professional blogger"? I guess some of us are professionals -- like Ed Silverman (pharmalot), Jim Edwards (BrandweekNRX), and the guys at WSJ Blog, who get paid specifically for writing blogs. I note that the professionals are mostly journalists as well. But most of this in this space, John, are not professionals and we also are just trying to make a point and have some fun. So don't feel like you don't belong.

So, what's Pfizer Rep Bill of Rights Blog all about? Pfizer! of course.

John S will have a lot of competitors in The Pharma Blogosphere who also bash Pfizer on a regular basis. Peter Rost at Question Authority, of course, is your pre-eminent Pfizer Basher Blogger, although he has moved on to other things.

John S has a mission, however. It is "Pfizer Sales Representative Bill of Rights" and he asks at the top of every page of his blog: "Pfizer is ignoring the bad behavior of DM's against sales reps. Can we form a bill of rights?"
"I am for some sort of recognition of rights for reps when disputes arise such as a mediation process or a neutral party to decide a course of action. It seems too much power has been given to DM's to destroy a persons reputation and career if the (sic) get a notion to do so."
Good luck with that, John.

So far his survey has tallied 3 votes in favor of a Pfizer Bill of Rights and 0 votes against. Obviously, his blog, being new, needs more traction. That's what we're all about here at The Pharma Blogosphere -- giving members more traction by helping visitors separate the wheat from the chaff.

Good luck, John!

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Anonymous said...

Hi John M,

Thank you for the post. I was hoping to rally other reps to stand up for themselves in the face of blatant retalliation from management when bad behavior is exposed. This is more the rule than the exception at Pfizer and I am sure other companies. It has become a heated topic at Cafe Pharma and in the field. I may not last long here but I like to think I tried to help in some way. Again thank you for your generosity because I think you and the people you mention set the standard for solid information gathering. Keep up the good work I am definitely a fan.