Thursday, March 15, 2007

PhotoShop Me a Beaver Contest

So far, there are two entries in the "PhotoShop Me a Beaver" contest (see "Please Photo Shop a Beaver Into This Group Portrait") --

PharmaGossip also suggested we take a look at this:

Pharma Giles had this to say about PharmaGossip's entry: "Nice beaver! It's so huge! I think you win, Jack..."

Hold on there! I am the decider here!

And I decide that the contest is not over. Now that Peter Rost is back in the blogging game, perhaps he will give it a try?

What about the rules?
Well, there aren't any. You can put a beaver head on one of the ad guys, for example. I have an opinion which guy that should be, but won't say.

I am also opening this up to non-bloggers and anonymous commenters as well. If you have an image you want to enter, just send it to me at You can remain anonymous, I promise.

So be creative! And c'mon, there must be some creative types from agencies that compete with Cramer-Krasselt out there! So come on down and show us what you can do!

P.S. I am still on "vacation" in Sunny Isles Beach, FLA. Today I visited the Everglades. While I didn't see any beaver there, I did see a couple of turtles fornicating! So far, that's the highlight of my trip. Tomorrow I see a female impersonator dinner show!

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