Friday, March 30, 2007

Ready to Celebrate April Fool's Day?

Since April 1 is on a Sunday this year, is Monday the "official" day to celebrate April Fools and post the obligatory spoof to your blog?

In past years, I have been totally oblivious to April Fools and have even been a victim of a joke.

Back in 2005 I posted what turned out to be my greatest April Fools' joke (see "John Mack Rebuffs Merck's CEO Offer"). Unfortunately, I did it two days before April Fools Day! What a maroon!

So, when are you celebrating?

Will The Pharma Blogosphere see spoofs today or Monday?

I don't think Sunday is viable -- no one reads our blogs on Sunday. But I suppose you can technically post it on Sunday so it gets the cache time stamp and people will open it up first thing Monday morning.

Aside from When, I am interested in Who and What ... who among us will post the most impressive April Fools spoof and what will it be?

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