Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Pre-Release Screenings of SiCKO for Bloggers

I don't know about you, but unlike the folks over at Drug Wonks and PhRMA (Ken Johnson said: "A review of America's healthcare system should be balanced, thoughtful, and well-researched to pin down what works and what needs to be improved. You won't get that from Michael Moore."), I refuse to criticize or praise something I have not seen. It was that way with Centocor's feature-length disease awareness film INNERSTATE (see "Innerstate Private Screening: Philadelphia Style") and I feel the same about Michale Moore's new film SiCKO.

So, on May 17, I wrote an open letter to Michael Moore on behalf of all pharma bloggers encouraging him to invite us to a pre-release screening of the film (see "Mr. Moore Don't Ignore: Please Invite Me to a Screening of Your Movie").

Rather than wait for Moore to respond, I contacted his agent in Hollywood and finally reached his PR people who promised to schedule a screening in Washington, DC or San Francisco (or both, I couldn't be sure).

Since then there have been several emails back and forth as I continue to press them about the screening. They keep responding, "as soon as we know, we will tell you." So far, however, I do not have a definite date.

My hopes have been renewed, however, by an article in PRWeek ("Comms efforts intensify as 'Sicko' release nears") that states:

"[Spokesperson Chris] Lehane said the team is organizing a series of strategic screenings to reach key audiences, including special screenings for Bay Area and DC bloggers, as well as screenings in early primary states and state capitols where healthcare reform is now being considered."
Now, I hope this screening isn't JUST for "DC Bloggers" -- meaning political bloggers and the guys at Drug Wonks! THAT WOULD BE A TRAVESTY!

My call, and my hope, is that all us bloggers in the Pharma BlogosphereTM will have an opportunity to attend a screening -- even if it IS in Washington, DC.

Of course, there's the issue of who pays our train or plane fares.

I am sure, however, that a mere few hundred dollars and free buffet lunch plus the opportunity to hobnob with Moore and DC bloggers would never taint our opinion of the film!

BTW, from what I have seen on Oprah (see the videos here), freebies or no freebies, I am convinced that this movie has wings.

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. said...

I would pay to meet Michael Moore any day, any time, any where. Moore is a strong force in the world today, it would be interesting to be able to address him in any context that made him feel comfortable to engage in actual dialogue and not censored pre-determined lines of questioning.

I am so in awe of Moore, that I pray that he would allow the health care blog world to sincerely and RESPECTFULLY and open-mindedly allow us the pleasure to discuss relevant topics.

Thanks again, and sign me up for paying my own way in San Fran. I will be there alot of June.. so bring it on :)

I would pay a lot for that opportunity. Thank you John, for your work on that behalf. Not that I would get invited :) This Kitty is usually hiding somewhere in the shadows :)