Wednesday, June 20, 2007

John Mack Quoted in Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine!

I love Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine! I especially like it when they quote me as they did in this month's (June 2007) issue. You'll find me quoted in the article "A Dream Campaign: Takeda's Rozerem ads aren't just fun. They're a new paradigm for insomnia treatment."

The PharmExec article quotes me as saying "While the company is doing a slow buildup, the sales are doing a slow burn." I still stand by that even though Chris Benecchi -- product director for Rozerem marketing -- "claims that the slow build was the plan all along."

But sales of Rozerem are dismal for a product that is ranked #10 in DTC spending for 2006 and I have the data to prove it (nicely plotted in a pie chart).

What galls me are all the articles written in trade publications and the press touting how great the Rozerem campaign is and all the accolades heaped upon the agencies involved.

No one with any pharma industry publishing authority is admitting that the emperor has no clothes. Why is that?

To find out why and get your hands on some sleep aid sales data, read my post to Pharma Marketing Blog: "Rozerem DTC Ads: New Paradigm or Paradox?"

P.S. Needless to say, my blog visits spiked on Monday after the latest issue of Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine "hit the stands." This is a testament to the power of publications like PE. It is a shame, however, that PE and other mainstream publications may be unduly influenced by advertising to such an extent that they cannot pull the wool AWAY from our eyes.

I guess that's why blogs like Pharma Marketing Blog and others in the Pharma Blogosphere are growing in popularity, especially among industry insiders.

An ongoing Pharma Marketing Blog reader survey reveals that over 40% of my readers are employed in the pharmaceutical industry and over 60% of readers are somewhat or very supportive of the drug industry. Keep in mind that the general Pharma Blogosphere Reader Survey characterized Pharma Marketing Blog as "critical" of the industry.

This speaks to the fact that many pharmaceutical people who support the industry would like to read something critical of the industry. Perhaps they learn more from critics than form industry cheerleaders?

Frankly, I think PE (and other industry publications -- I do not want to single out PE) should devote some space in their publication to contrarian views in order to stir the pot!

Dear PE Editor: I am available to write such a column for your publication.

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