Thursday, June 28, 2007

Moore, You Magnificent Bastard! I Read Your "Book!" But Did You?

Michael Moore is giving PR lessons to would-be promoters of screenings of his new movie SiCKO. See his "Sponsor a 'SiCKO' Screening" Web page.

Here's one bit of advice offered there about "HOW TO GET PRESS":

When the press arrives at the event, make sure one person on your team greets each reporter and remains available for their requests.
Makes sense.

But let's compare this to how I was treated at my screening of SiCKO a couple of weeks ago in NYC (see "John Mack Finally Gets His SiCKO Screening: You Can Too!").

When I arrive, there is one person who merely checks my name off a list and hands me a couple of sheets of info. After the screening, when I would likely have a number of questions -- including "Where's the bathroom?" -- there's nobody there! I have to ask the projectionist who was startled that anyone would walk into the projection both and actually speak to him! In any case, he did give me the key code to the men's room.

I must say, I was impressed! NOT!

But I wrote the story anyway and you can read it in the June issue of Pharma Marketing News (subscription required; it's FREE!).

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