Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lobbyists Also Get No Popcorn at Their Screening of SiCKO

Michael Moore invited 900 healthcare lobbyists to a special screening of SiCKO in Washington, DC and only 11 showed up.

Could it be because SiCKO screenings don't include popcorn, soda, or even bottled water?

Said John Greene of the National Association of Health Underwriters: "I want to ask Mr. Moore, 'Where's the popcorn and soda?'" (See Washington Post article.)

I asked the same question when I attended a screening of SiCKO in NYC on June 7 (see "SiCKO is Boffo but Not Anti-Pharmaco, per se").

Could it be that the pharma lobbyists read my review and decided that a movie without food was as useful as a fish without a bicycle?


Pharm Aid said...

Popcorn and soda are very unhealthy. Popcorn with salt butter is ladden with fat and sodium. And soda contains excessive calories and too much sugar.

First and foremost, Michael Moore is about promoting a healthy lifesytle. He has taken a leadership position and is showing Americans how to be healthier. He is a role model for health.

John Mack said...

Ha, Ha! Very funny.

And George Bush is a role model for a wartime president despite the fact that he was never in one!

Pharm Aid said...

Michael Moore on healthcare is like George Bush on stem cells - they both look ridiculous and completely out of their league. It is tough to take anything they say on the topic seriously. But it sure is fun to watch.

Now pass the Big Mac because I need to go watch some re-runs of The Awful Truth (I just love seeing Michael Moore and Fred Phelps much raw sexual tension).