Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fard Johnmar Interviews John Mack on Bloggers and the Pharmaceutical Industry

Have you seen the HealthDot video commentary site?

If not, I suggest that you take a look first at the informative interview of John Mack (Pharma Marketing Blog) by Fard Johnmar (HealthcareVOX).

Although this interview was done back in April at the Healthcare Blogging Summit in Las Vegas, it is still very relevant today.

In the interview, Fard and I touch upon the credibility of pharma blogs, the effect of journalist bloggers, and the role that blogs can play in informing the industry.

View the video here.

Some Background on HealthDot.
As stated in the About page of the site:

HealthDot was created by ScribeMedia.Org as a non-partisan, informational and analytical multimedia publication that offers expert opinion on the future of the American health care industry. We do this from the perspective of three primary constituencies: Consumers, Providers, and Employers.

We bring together key players, report on their opinions, uncover current trends, and analyze the legislation that will affect it all.

The recent HealthDot Pharma Report 04 is very entertaining and covers the Avandia House Committee hearing, online pharma fraud, counterfeit drugs, Nigeria vs. Pfizer, and "erectile malfunction."

The latter topic includes the appearance of "Pharma Girl," who explains what priapism is. Pharma Girl is not related to "PhRMA Intern," whose latest adventure, "PhRMA Intern and the No-Strings-Attached CME Proof!", can be found here.

HealthDot does have an agenda, which is obvious from the following statements:
Politicians, academics and analysts from all political perspectives have come to the same conclusion: The US healthcare system is broken. They’ve fielded studies, issued reports, legislated, debated and spent millions lobbying for one change or another.

Still, the simple fact remains that the country has tens of millions of uninsured and underinsured, prohibitive costs for employers both large and small and byzantine rules, regulations, practices and processes that point to further systemic erosion over the next decade as 72 million baby boomers begin their retirements.

In the end, we aim for intelligent and informed debate as the country seeks solutions to a national crisis.
Perhaps Michael Moore is involved with these guys? Not that that's a bad thing!

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Unknown said...

hi john,

actually, we welcome opinions from the left and the right. i don't think anyone on either side of the political fence would disagree that our system is in need of repair. they just differ on how to fix it. a john goodman / jacob hacker debate would be thought provoking...

or even paul antony vs. jerry avorn in a gloves off mental rumble :-)

we believe that as a country we're in brainstorming mode. so all ideas are good ideas and worth being explored. people should be prepared to propose and defend their ideas. others should offer constructive criticism of the ideas, not name calling of the people behind the ideas. sound bytes should be extended to full ideas taken in context.

with that in mind, we want to bring people with ideas into the studio (or stalk them at conferences) to articulate their opinions.

take care,