Friday, June 15, 2007

Introducing's TOP 100 Healthcare Blogs! quietly launched it's TOP 100 Healthcare Blog list! Now we have a new way to learn which blogs deliver the best value to readers other than my controversial, unscientific reader survey I did a while back (get your free summary of the survey results here).

Several blogs from the Pharma Blogosphere have made the list, including

  • In the Pipeline (#4)
  • Pharma Marketing Blog (#11)
  • PharmaGossip (#19)
  • Question Authority (#24)
  • Clin Psych Blog (#50)
  • Eye On FDA (#54)
  • On Pharma (#74)
  • eDrugSearch (#87)
  • Orange Book Blog (#98)
  • BrandweekNRX (#99)
  • Pharma's Cutting Edge (#100)
How is this listed compiled? According to the Learn the Algorithm page:

The Healthcare 100 is a global ranking of the top English-language healthcare blogs, inspired by Todd Andrlik’s popular Power 150, a list of the top English-language marketing blogs.

Our goal is to provide both bloggers and blog readers interested in all aspects of healthcare with a simple way to find the most influential blogs. We rank each blog’s influence based on a multimetric algorithm, also inspired by the Power 150.

Ranks are based on a combination of four sources:
  1. Google PageRank
  2. Bloglines Subscribers
  3. Technorati Authority Ranking
  4. Points
Rankings are automated and updated frequently, with the date of the most recent update posted under the Healthcare 100 heading.

Cary Byrd is the mastermind behind this (learn more about Cary by listening this Pharma Marketing Talk podcast).

Notably absent from the list are several excellent Pharma Blogosphere blogs, including Pharmalot, which was recently recognized as one of The 50 Best Business Blogs by The Times of London. Maybe Ed has to add his blog manually here in order to get on the list, although I can't imagine that Cary would have neglected to do that in the first place!

Of course, all these rankings -- whether by reader survey, non-objective lists by journalists, or supposedly unbiased lists like the TOP 100 based on the wisdom of the crowds -- are flawed in one way or another.

P.S. Drug Wonks -- currently the "bad boy" of the Pharma Blogosphere (see 'Round the Sphere: Dirty Tightie Whities and Wailing on Wonks!) received "Honorable Mention) as #122 on the extended list.


Anonymous said...

I glad to see you like it. In the last few days it has become pretty viral.

Right now we are working on a cool new widget that will show your ranking in "real time".

It should be out in a few weeks :)

Take care,


PharmaGuy said...


It's very neat.

I see that you are adding blogs. Of course, as you do so, my blog and others in the Pharma Blogosphere get pushed down the list. For examploe, when the list started, Pharma Marketing Blog was #11 and now it is #24. In the Pipeline and PharmaGossip also were "demoted."

This, I suppose cannot be avoided. I just wish I hadn't made a big deal out of being #11! People reading that may not understand the dynamics.