Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Pharma Gazette's Gloria Gamat

Gloria Gamat, author of the Pharma Gazette blog and one of the few but growing numbers of women (a Filipina at that!) pharma bloggers, has just returned from vacation in the Phillipines (Rizal Beach Resort, I assume).

Here she is with her children on their way to nearby island for a "close encounter with whalesharks."

How do I know all this? Gloria tells us this in a recent post to her blog ("Of Summer Beach, Whalesharks and Spiderman 3").

This is a rare glimpse into the personal life of a blogger. Some other bloggers have also offered personal glimpses into their private lives -- The Group Guy, for example, is an avid fisherman (see "Get Off My Back! I Love Sally!").

Unfortunately, I could never do that -- I have no personal life! Just kiddin' (I have to say that otherwise some idiot reading this -- not you, that guy in Scotland or wherever -- might take me seriously).

First, my wife doesn't want her name associated with my blog, especially when I get into a tirade about erectile dysfunction (ED) and when I participate in ED focus groups to get some background for a story (see "My Sojourn as Market Research Subject for Levitra").

Second, and more important, the jerks at Cafe Pharma and that guy from Scotland might start calling my wife a "turd." Then I'd have to get really nasty!

So, I keep my personal life private. But, I am always interested in the personal lives of other bloggers and love to meet them at meetings, such as the Healthcare Blogging Summit (see posts about that here and here).

Some day I hope to meet Gloria in person.


Reading Barrio Girl said...

hey John, thanks for the feature. I rarely mention personal stuff at pharmagazette, it being a business blog. but posts like such is one way to explain my "short absence" from the blog. ;-)

actually i live in the philippines (20 minutes away from rizal beach!) am surprised you know rizal beach resort, have you been there?

PharmaGuy said...


Sorry to say, I've never been to the Phillipines! As for Rizal beach resort, I just did some research on the Internet about Rizal beach because you mentioned it.

I realized afterward that you are living in the Philipines, not just FROM the Phillipines!