Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Pharma Blog Planet Discovered!

This observer of the Pharma BlogosphereTM wishes to register this new sighting among the "Outer Sphere" of influence: Prescription Access Litigation (PAL to their friends) Blog!

Launched just today, and not yet formally announced, here's PAL Blog's opening statement:

This blog will feature updates on activities of Prescription Access Litigation (PAL) and its members, including class action lawsuits, amicus curiae (Friend of the Court”) briefs, regulatory and legislative testimony and public education campaigns. We will also feature commentary on major developments and news stories on the pharmaceutical industry.

The PAL blog will not be updated daily, but rather as we have news to report. There are a number of daily pharmaceutical blogs that do a great job of covering the industry every day. See our blogroll on the left.

The universe of pharmaceutical blogs has grown rapidly over the past few months, as ably documented by John Mack over at PharmaBlogosphere. Some of its luminaries include industry critics and gadflies, such as Peter Rost and the pseudonymous Jack Friday (aka “Insider”). But as far as we have been able to ascertain, there are no other blogs critical of the industry that are written strictly from a consumer perspective. We hope to help partially fill that void.

So tune in, and stay tuned… We welcome your comments and suggestions.

I hope that PAL Blog does take a strictly consumer-centric viewpoint and does not just report on PAL litigation issues, which might wear thin after awhile. Anyway, that's my advice.

BTW, PAL Director and blogger Alex Sugerman-Brozan, was a guest not too long ago on a Pharma Marketing Talk podcast dedicated to disease mongering. Access and listen to the audio archive here.

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Anonymous said...


I promise that the PAL blog will not just report on PAL litigation issues - that would wear thin even for us, fascinating at the cases are.

We're honored to be in the "Outer Sphere." We will strive to remain a "planet," enter an orbit closer to the sun and not become a "pluto."