Monday, April 30, 2007

Pharma Giles Goes Super Nova: One Final Violation of Rule #4

Pharma Giles has signed off the blogosphere and in the process spews forth Cafe Pharma potty-speak remarks against me and this blog.

What have I done to deserve being called a "turd?"

Giles hates me because I wrote a post about Jack Friday, playfully trying to profile him. Giles thought I wasn't respecting Jack's right to remain anonymous. As if I had access to any more information than any one else can easily find on PharmaGossip!

It always amazes me how those who suggest ethics and good manners are the first to violate their own moral values.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately you can never underestimate some people's lack of a sense of humor. The world needs a lot more humor these days ...