Monday, May 7, 2007

Snore! Is Everyone at BIO or What?

Although Ted Kennedy blew off presenting at the prestigious BIO conference in Boston (see Pharmalot: "Where's Ted? Not At BIO") and Queen "Noir" of Jordan pulled the Hijab over her presentation (see "BIO: Is This Boston, Or The Mideast?"), quite a few pharma people must be up there and not reading blogs today.

Traffic has been slow, in other words. Even with all the "kitty" kidding around that Rost and I are engaged in (see "AstraZeneca's pink cupcakes cause cat fight. According to John Mack").

BTW, did you read the little "love" note I received from BK?

"John, I *love* you. You have been patient and kind with me. I love this discussion. Thanks for *even* listening to me... purrrr....

I will respond thoughtfully tonite.."

MeeeeeOW! If my wife (I would never refer to my wife as "Mrs. Mack" -- that was my mom) ever saw that, I'd get a much worse beating than I got in this little kitty fight!

How About a Little Poll to Liven Things Up?
Speaking of sexism, please let it be known that I kid Peter and Jack (PharmaGossip) -- although they do post a lot of images of women in suggestive poses! Peter was proud to post a video of a Brazilian model having sex on the beach -- and she wasn't drinking! Jack also suggested what the bikini-clad sales rep looked like (see here).

So, who's the most sexist (male) blogger in the Pharma BlogosphereTM (NOT the sexist!)? Inquiring minds want to know:

Who's the most sexist male blogger in the Pharma Blogosphere?
Jack Friday (Pharma Gossip)
John Mack (Pharma Marketing Blog)
Peter Rost (Question Authority)
None of the above
Oh, grow up already!

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Its May Day in Europe (holiday).