Thursday, May 3, 2007

'Round the Sphere: Zee French Have Zee Multi Drug

Where did the new brand name for Acomplia come from?

An anonymous commenter to a Pharma Marketing Blog gave this enlightening and thoroughly plausible explanation:

I think Zimulti came from a twisted English language branding workshop with only Dehecq and LeFur in the room. When considering that rimonabant is being tested for MULTIple indications, they both exclaimed at the same time about its uniqueness and appeal "Eet ees Zi-Multi drogue" (it is the multi-drug). If you've ever heard Dehecq speak English you know his accent is pretty thick and this is completely plausible. I participated in the original branding workshop for the drug and I suggested "Butt-Off" since it applies for both smoking cessation and weight control. Nobody in the room got the joke. Maybe that's why I no longer work there, ha ha.

And you thought the guys at WSJ had a lock on "Zimulti Humor" with their "We'd like the Zimulti with clams, please."

It also beats my "Yummi! It's Zimulti Italian Pastry" joke.

Any other "Zimulti" jokes out there? It's been a long time since we've had a brand name with so much joke potential!

P.S. I just noticed that Ed Silverman over at Pharmalot also got in on the joke and made a comment that Zimulti sounded more like a dessert to him. Glad to see that great minds think alike, but how about a hat tip to me for the Italian dessert reference, Ed?

BTW, it's Zimulti, not Zumulti; otherwise the French origin joke wouldn't work (Zu is more German than French, n'est pas?).

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PharmaGuy said...

Don't worry, Ed and I are still friends!

BTW, here's another entry for the Zimulti Joke Contest:

What is "Zimulti"?

It is the answer to the Italian waiter's question: "Will you have zi whole grain bread or zi multi?"

Submitted by a member of the Forums at Pharma Marketing Network: