Thursday, May 10, 2007

Is a Pharma PR Job In Your Future?

First, pharmaceutical companies invite "prominent" bloggers to the dinner table for an "informal get-together" (see "Should Bloggers Dine at Pharma's Table?"). Then, they start hiring bloggers!

According to a post by "Insider" Jack Friday on PharmaGossip:

Rx Daily Dose blogger joins Pfizer

Rx Daily Dose blogger and Boston Herald op-ed columnist Virginia Buckingham is to to work for drugmaker Pfizer as a lobbyist focusing on New England.

The blog has already been consigned to history!

She served as deputy editorial page editor of the Herald from January 2003 to July 2005 when she began writing a regular column, which focused mainly on state and national politics.

As assistant director of government relations, Buckingham will work for New York-based Pfizer’s Worldwide Public Affairs and Policy Division.

Insider wishes Virginia all the best.

When you sup with the devil, use a long spoon!

Maybe Pfizer first invited Virginia to dinner and was so impressed that it hired her. Or maybe it was posts like this (sorry, I only have the feed summary; the blog, as Jack notes, is gone):
"Enormous" Pharma's challenge
Pfizer CEO Jeff Kindler likens it to "changing the tires on a moving vehicle." This insightful article in The Economist is the most comprehensive look at the coming transformation of pharma's business model I've seen anywhere. From "personalized medicine" to the $1 billion pill to the rise of "drug hunters", there's a mountain the size of Everest to climb to overcome all the obstacles. But nothing is more important to healthy lives than a healthy drug industry.

Question: What will the government do to help, not hurt?
A little sympathy goes a long way! Maybe that's why I didn't get the job after turning Kindler's remarks into an April Fool's joke (see "Kindler's Refreshing View of Pharma's Problems and His Job").

I wonder if any of the guys meeting with J&J at that recent dinner party have been approached about employment in J&J's PR department -- especially those journalist, PR, and physician bloggers that attended?

Inquiring minds want to know!


Anonymous said...

I rather work for YOU than for Pfizer any day :)

PharmaGuy said...

Sweet of you to say, but I'm no Jeff Kindler! And the benefits stink.