Monday, May 7, 2007

Love it, Truly!

Chris Truelove has man handled me over in the comments to my Pharma Marketing News post "Guidelines for Gifts to Patients" and suggested that my "casting the verbal disagreement between Dr. Black Kitty and me as a 'Kitty fight,' you've implied a bimbo-tastic tone that's hard for folks to get past and take us seriously. It's an attitude that is satired in this classic Harry Enfield piece:"

Yes, that husband could be me! It happens every time my wife and I attend a dinner party! If only I had seen this a long time ago, I'm sure I'd be more happily married.

In my defense:

At least I refrained from posting any R-rated images of women, which is becomming more common amongst pharma bloggers, especially those who emulate Peter Rost and PharmaGossip! Speaking of whom, did you see the image PharmaGossip used to illustrate Truelove's story about a sales rep who stripped down to her bikini in a doc's office?

In defense of my male colleagues (ie, Peter Rost and Jack Friday), if you put meat in front of lions, you've got to expect them to feast! In other words, Truelove could have chosen not to describe the bikini rep incident, since it is anecdotal anyway and does no good for the image of women reps.

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. said...

John, I *love* you. You have been patient and kind with me. I love this discussion. Thanks for *even* listening to me... purrrr....

I will respond thoughtfully tonite, if I ever leave work..

Peace and Love,