Friday, May 18, 2007

Check It Out: Google Blog Search

Fabio at IgniteBlog turned me on to Google's new Universal Search (see "Google 2.0: Google Universal Search Launched!"; also see "Google Universal Search & Healthcare Social Media: Game Changing Or More Of The Same?" over at HealthcareVOX).

Part of Google 2.0 is Google Blog Search, which could be Game Over for other search sites that specialize in blogs.

Check it out here.

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Antoine Clarke said...

I find Google's blog search poor, though it is still a "Beta" utility.

Using, I find some blog posts missed out by Google's blog utility, and I also find that new posts can appear sooner on Technorati.

The other factor is Google's tendency to cave in to censorship (China especially). Specialist engines for blogs will continue to have a demand if only to enable people to check that Google is keeping honest.