Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Is Pharma Fun to Write/Read About?

Peter Rost (Question Authority) thinks it's "fun" to write about pharmaceutical companies. I know he is having fun now, but it didn't seem like he was having so much fun early on in his blogging career.

Anyway, Rost had this to say in a comment to a recent post I made:

"Big pharma can simply not, no matter how much they try, not be fun to write about."
Once you untangle all the "nots," I think this is equivalent to saying that pharma is fun to write about. Rost thinks it will be even more fun once pharma starts blogging:
"Imagine all the stuff we'll get to blog about as they try. There will be no limit to the amount of fun we can have. Just look at all the fun being had with ads, commercials and speeches."
To which I responded:
"I imagine people said the same sort of thing in the days before pharma embraced DTC advertising. Pharma's been laughing all the way to the bank since then!"
YouPharmaDare I predict that someday pharma will successfully embrace Web 2.0 and profit by it (see "YouPharma(tm): A Brave New World of Marketing?")?

Who knows what the future holds? So have your fun now while you can!

But there's fun and then there's "fun." Please tell me what kind of "fun" you have writing about pharma. If you are a reader of pharma blogs and not a writer, just substitute "Read" for "Write" in the following little poll:

Is Pharma "Fun" to Write About?
Yes, unequivocally!
Yes, like watching a train wreck!
Yes, like a sharp needle to the eye!
Yes, like setting a cat on fire!
Yes, like tripping a bully on the playground!
Yes, yes, Oooooh yes! (like sex)

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