Thursday, April 12, 2007

Welcome "AZ Group of Seven"

There are at least 7 "honest AstraZeneca employees scattered around headquarters and field sales" according to a recent manifesto communicated to Peter Rost and published in Question Authority and Pharma Marketing Blog.

A new blog -- AZ Group of Seven -- has appeared in the Pharma Blogosphere. It's mission is to roam the Sphere picking up anonymous comments from the mysterious "AZ Group of Seven" (code named "whiskey").

If you are one of the "7 honest AstraZeneca employees" out there, you may submit comments anonymously to the AZ Group of Seven Blog! Even if you are not one of the seven employees or not even an AZ employee, but just want to pretend to be one, you are welcome to submit comments.


Tell us what's it's like to be an honest AZ employee. Who are the jerks? Go ahead, name names! It's all good!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha zubillaga finally got nabbed..
he has done this for years..always thought he was better then anyone else ha ha ha down with zubby