Friday, April 6, 2007

Welcome Confarta!

A new member has been added to the Outer Sphere of the Pharma Blogosphere: the Confarta Blog!

Confarta blog is brought to us by the Williams & Williams Pharmaceutical Company. Since 2004, Williams & Williams has been providing relief for millions of people around the world. We are a full service pharmaceutical company that lives by the motto, "In all phases of life, we're right behind you."

This is the first ever pharmaceutical company sponsored blog! (Hat Tip to Peter Rost for the link!)

Charles Charles is the company's #1 sales rep. View this video of Charles in action:

Although Charles believes in the motto "Always be Closing," he does have time to explore CafePharma:


Peter Rost said...

OK, you got pretty ticked off when a newcomer pilfered your pics and posts . . . how about a tiny weeny little link to the guy who posted this first . . .?


PharmaGuy said...

Oh, OK! Cry baby! :-) Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

Erm, actually, chaps. I posted about it last month. But who cares?

. said...

I guess your bickering adds to the appeal? Presents a uniform front? Looks like a pissing contest? Why doesn't everyone ALWAYS just credit everyone else?

Peace and Love,


PharmaGuy said...

It's all done with love. And it's a good way to keep up with who's doing what.