Friday, February 22, 2008

Pharma Would Rather Fight Than Switch, When It Comes to DTC

This morning, I was greeted by email from Bob Ehrlich, chairman of DTC Perspectives, who made some predictions about what would happen to broadcast DTC if McCain or Obama were elected president.

But Ehrlich didn't venture to predict what might happen to broadcast DTC if McCain won; he focused mostly on an Obama president scenario. You can read about Ehrlich's predictions in this post to the WSJ Health Blog.

The pharmaceutical industry will circle its wagons and do everything possible to prevent McCain or Obama from messing with TV DTC. They may even hire new lobbyists -- perhaps McCain's lobbyist "friend" Vicki Iseman (pictured above) will make herself available. Maybe she already has PhRMA as a client!

Read more about the switching alternative here and here.

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