Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Is Marketing a Science or an Art?

Let's face it. Marketers are not daVinci's, by which I mean they are not good at combining art and science.

Despite all the talk these days about ROI this and ROI that, marketing remains aloof from attempts to measure its effects.

In fact, many marketers keep soldiering on with ridiculous ad campaigns even when they are clearly in negative ROI territory. See, for example, "Rozerem Ad Spending Exceeds Sales!"

I have to admit to getting sleepy when true ROI experts begin speaking of their craft. If you are up to it, give a listen to my podcast interview of Andree Bates ("You Want Marketing ROI? You're Not Ready to Measure ROI!"). To be fair, this is an audio-only podcast that would have benefited greatly from the excellent slides Dr. Bates had.

But I have a predicament and it's this: I am presenting a keynote speech on this topic at the Measuring Marketing ROI conference in London next month and I have an outline but need to fill in the details.

Can you hep? See the post "Are Marketers Artists or Mathematicians?" on Pharma Marketing Blog for details.

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