Monday, July 30, 2007

Welcome to Peter Rost's World!

Keeping up with Peter Rost is a full-time job, as I am sure Pfizer's lawyers well know and appreciate!

Last week, I thought Peter renamed his blog (see "Rost Now an Authority, Renames Blog"), but now he has reverted back to using the Question Authority name, at least for now.

Peter recently celebrated on a Swedish Summer radio show.

The photo above shows him at work.

There were a few things in Peter's workspace that interested me because they reveal something about Peter or that can be interpreted to mean something more than they really are.

I invite you to tell us what the labeled (A, B, C, D, etc.) items signify to you.

For example, "A" to me looks like an ID tag to a secure site. Maybe it's a Pfizer ID tag that Peter keeps as a memento. I suppose it won't help him break into Pfizer, but why is he keeping it? Or maybe it's an ID for some other organization?

"B" is a simple chair signifying that Peter may have sold all his furniture to tide him over while his whistle-blower case against Pfizer goes on.

"C" is his escape hatch in case his house is raided by Pfizer or Homeland Security agents.

"D" looks like some kind of gizmo similar to what the "Bush Pilot" uses (see "Bush's Pilot Suffers from Premature Commutation - Does Pfizer Have a Drug for That?").

"E" looks like nice, soft Italian loafers. Where's you get those, Peter? I want a pair just like that!

"F" appears to be a standard, Pfizer-issued Dell notebook computer. I know that Peter bought his own Vaio, so what's he doing with this one?

Any other ideas?

I'm off to the pool!


Peter Rost said...

Thank you for this . . . actually the Swedish caption explains the room . . . it is Swedish Radio's very small studio in New York! And those badges are not mine.

PharmaGuy said...

Ah.. My fantasy is ruined!