Monday, July 23, 2007

Do You Prefer Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

You may not have noticed, but lately Pharma Giles and I have been having conversations through our respective blogs. There's been water under the bridge in our relationship, but until now none of that water has been worthy of escalating to a higher level of open discussion.

I just noticed that Giles recently characterized my blog adventures as a modern-day Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story (see "Sticks and Stones..."). Pharma Marketing Blog, Giles said, was Dr. Jekyll and Pharma Blogosphere was Mr. Hyde.

Now that's an analogy I can work with!

We all have our Jekyll and Hyde sides -- that's what makes Robert Louis Stevenson's story so interesting and appealing. Even Big Pharma has a Jekyll (R&D) vs. Hyde (Marketing) thing going on (see "Pharma's Jekyll & Hyde").

Most people would cast Hyde as evil (dark) and Jekyll as good (light). That's how Giles meant to use the analogy to compare Pharma Marketing Blog to Pharma Blogosphere. Now that I think of it, Pharma Blogosphere is dark and Pharma Marketing Blog is light.

Mr. Hyde just wants to have fun! He parties, he buys drinks for everyone, gets into barroom fights, and he makes the girls giggle (before he strangles them, that is). Jekyll stays at home and ponders the weighty issues of mankind -- boring!

Just like Dr. Jekyll created Mr. Hyde, I created Pharma Blogosphere. And for the same reason: I wanted to have some fun, but did not want to sully my Dr. Jekyll -- Pharma Marketing Blog -- reputation. Of course, I am not hiding the fact that one and the same person writes both blogs.

As Mr. Hyde I'm buying drinks for everyone here at Pharma Blogosphere by writing stories about what my blogger buddies are up to and providing all kinds of links to their blogs. And I invite them to party with me here by submitting comments and linking back to me. It's kind of like a celebrity roast at the Friar's Club, except PG Rated. Sorry, if I strangle some of you in the process. Get over it already, like Giles and I did!

Of course, when it gets too hot over here and "the man" is on my trail, I skeedaddle over to Pharma Marketing Blog and seek the safety with Dr. Jekyll. At least he's respected!

Would it be cool if we all let out our Mr. Hydes? Hmmmm... I shudder to think about the consequences!

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