Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rost Now an Authority, Renames Blog

Apparently, Peter Rost, "the drug industry's most annoying - and effective - online scourge," has now become an "authority" and dropped the "Question Authority" moniker for his blog, which he now calls "ROST FILES by Dr. Peter Rost."

Rost had previously announced that he was hired to be a journalist for "a real magazine; you know, printed paper and hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Or something in that range."

Although Rost was circumspect about the identity of this "real magazine," this author interprets Rost's statement to mean a mainstream publication having some "authority" in the "real" world.

Asked if he will continue to sell "Question Authority" T-shirts and mugs on the Internet, Rost had no comment. It could be that Rost didn't hear this author ask him the question or it could be that this author didn't bother to email or call Rost to make inquiries.


Rost is officially invited to respond by posting a comment here.


Peter Rost said...

Hahahaha. Love it. You have an amazing attention to detail. Stay tuned . . .

soulful sepulcher said...

Do either of you remember those "Question Authority" bumperstickers from the '70s? Does anyone find it interesting that those were the years most were going after careers, and ironically along with success came the need to "Question Authority"? The best part of this story is someone is getting a paycheck for dumping shit on Pfizer. Remember when everyone wondered when Rost would sell out?
Has he?
[sorry Rost, still a fan]