Wednesday, July 25, 2007

GSK CEO Calls Nissen a "tool"

Not really! That was just to catch your attention. Who knows, I may be sued by GSK! That would liven up this DULL summer!

Here's what he really said:

GSK CEO Jean-Pierre Garnier, in his Center City office, called a critical study of diabetes drug Avandia "a good diagnostic tool." This, according to a story in today's Philadelphia Inquirer.

About the movie SiCKO, which he obviously hasn't seen, Garnier says:

"I'm sure it has entertainment value," he said. "The model of health care is Canada, Cuba and France? That can only have entertainment value."
Yes, very entertaining to those American folks who THOUGHT they had health insurance, but had to chose between reconnecting a middle finger and a ring finger. Yes, yes, I know; THAT guy didn't have ANY insurance at all!

If I were that guy, I'd gladly pay $16,000 (or whatever) to have my middle finger re-attached so that I can shove it up in Garnier's (French, isn't he?) face!

Read more about this at Pharmalot.

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