Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Rost Hit By PhRMA's PPA Bus: Shuts Down Blog

Peter Rost has been hit by a PhRMA PPA (Partnership for Prescription Assistance) bus being driven at the time by PhRMA spokesperson Montel Williams. The photo below was taken just seconds before Rost was struck crossing the street.

Rost had recently announced that his hit book, "The Whistleblower", would soon be released as a documentary. He was also negotiating a feature film deal with undisclosed "big studios." "Those guys want closure before they sign on the dotted line," said Rost. It appears that there is now closure.

Witnesses say that the bus was stationary, parked at the curb, as Rost approached. Then, as Rost walked out in front, the bus suddenly lurched forward and knocked Rost down.

Rost, in an eerily prescient statement, quipped that from the studios' point of view "Ideal is if they get a lot of drama: Me killed by a bus with PhRMA painted on the side would apparently work."

Well, it wasn't exactly PhRMA painted on the side, but PPA!

Neither Pfizer nor Montel Williams would comment on the record. However, over at Cafe Pharma, several Pfizer employees remarked that with Rost eliminated Pfizer could now afford to reduce the price of its drugs across the board and really offer Americans some meaningful prescription assistance!

Actually, Peter informs us that "my job here [Question Authority] is pretty much done. So with that it is time for me to say goodbye; I need to focus on the creative process. Thank you for coming here, I wish you well and I'm grateful for the time you've spent reading my blog!"

Good luck, Peter. The Pharma Blogosphere will miss you!

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Anonymous said...

So this is the REAL accident that happened. I am so sorry. So,I really do have something to worry about. Maybe a Pfizer bus will hit me too! More likely an NIMH bus.