Saturday, February 17, 2007

Question Authority Link Re-directed to YouTube Ad

I notice than whenever I try to access Peter Rost's Question Authority blog using the link, I get redirected to his "Whisleblower" book video promo on YouTube.

First, if this is deliberate (and I cannot imagine how it could NOT be deliberate), why?

Second, there is no second except "Will this really help Peter sell more copies of his book?"

This is self-promotion gone wild!

P.S. Peter, how did you do this? I'd like to try it myself. ;-)

1 comment:

PharmaGuy said...

Must have been a transient phenom or problem, much like Sepracor sneaking in a reminder DTC ad on TV! Because now the link works as advertised (meaning it is a link to a content site, not an ad disguised as content)!

BTW, I notice Rost lost Danielle, his receptionship avatar.