Thursday, February 1, 2007

Pharma Rag Mocks Mack!

Pharma Rag is the new boy in The Pharma Blogosphere and the very first post there lays into me for calling Dr. Jarvik a fop (see "John Mack Next Fashion Czar?"). "When contacted for comment about his reasons for making what might be construed as homophobic comments and whether he might be considering switching over to consulting to the fashion industry, John did not reply."

I don't remember being asked to comment, but if Gary Pitt, Pharma Rag creator and a bored chap who's looking to make things more interesting, thought the Jarvik fop piece was politically incorrect, he should see my "Girl from Google" post!

According to Pitt, "Pharma Rag is a gossip blog. This site publishes both rumors and conjecture, in addition to accurately reported information." I thought that territory was well-served by PharmaGossip, a blog written by another "chap."

Tell me this. If there are so many "chaps" over there across the pond interested in the pharmaceutical industry, why are there so few UK subscribers to my newsletter (Pharma Marketing News)? Are they just interested in gossip and not more depth? Inquiring minds want to know!

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