Thursday, February 22, 2007

Is Rost Losing It?

That Peter Rost over at Question Authority! What a show he puts on! Next he'll be shaving his head!

It all started a few days ago. First, visitors to his site we redirected to a YouTube video commercial for his book (see "Question Authority Link Re-directed to YouTube Ad"). I suspected he did this as a cheap marketing gimmick to sell his book.

Then, we're redirected to a CIA site and an NSA site (see "Did the CIA Shut Down Question Authority?"). I didn't think the CIA actually took over the site, but I was afraid -- as were many other Rost watchers -- that his site was hacked.

Then he apologizes and begins to blather on and on about unwelcome visitors to his blog "party"and that he wants to get rid of them.

Today we see the site redirected to the Epstein, Becker and Green PC web site. These guys are the lawyers that are defending Pfizer against Rost's whisleblower case, which I won't get into here.

Rost sent out an email -- maybe you got one -- entitled "Check out Pfizer's lawyers reaction when they can't get into my web site . . ." Rosts says "They're clickin like there is no tomorrow!!!" and he gives his URL:

What you get is this message: "Sorry, Epstein, Becker and Green. Your access is denied and we are watching you for a change." Then you are directed to the law firm's site; specifically to the bio of Ronald M. Green.

All this is great entertainment. Thanks Peter.

But pretty soon I am not going to click on Peter's bookmark to see what he is writing about. But I know he is doing it to get some publicity, so I thought I would help. Is this OK Peter? [He promised me a pair of Question Authority boxers.]

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