Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What's Next? I'm Bored!

I'm getting bored with pharmaceutical company corporate blogs! See my rant on Pharma Marketing Blog: "Centocor Blog - No Frying Pan and No Fire!"

What's next from pharma, viz-a-viz Web 2.0 ventures such as blogs, podcasts, RSS, social networks, etc?

C'mon. Make some predictions.

I suppose we'll have to wait another 6 months or a year before a pharmaceutical company launches another me-too corporate blog!

Before my pharma friends do that, I suggest they Rate Their Social Media Pharma Marketing Readiness and compare their score to these AVERAGES:

  • REGULATORY ENVIRONMENT: 28.0 (out of 45 total possible)
  • CORPORATE CULTURE SHOCK: 12.7 (out of 25 total possible)
  • KNOWLEDGE: 13.8 (out of 25 total possible)


Anonymous said...

You sounded bored on the Centocor podcast - and seemed to be filling time at the end.

Time to retire and go fishing?

PharmaGuy said...

Maybe. even though Melissa and Michael are much more open in public about what they are doing, they still are constrained by legal/regulatory and by that I also mean standard corporate speak.

I was somewhat disappointed to learn that the "guests" they may invite are the same legal/regulatory people that put a kibash on them in the first place! After that and the talk of supply chain I did get a bit bored.

Anonymous said...

Check out Cafepharma under the Eli Lilly Comment board! Things are heating up regarding their hiring practices.