Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Daily Diagnosis - A New Blog from NY Daily News

Finally, a conservative newspaper has joined the Pharma BlogosphereTM! It's Daily Diagnosis from the New York Daily News.

Here's the welcoming blog post:
If death is the great equalizer, good health is the ultimate privilege. And while we can’t change our DNA, scientists every day are giving us new ways of maximizing what we’re born with.

The Daily Diagnosis will offer perspective and context on the ever-changing world of medicine. It will chronicle treatment breakthroughs, political controversies and the wrenching dilemmas that make health-care a universal experience. It will highlight science for its own sake and the personalities that give it life. And it will offer a forum for you — the health-care consumers who experience the system in all its strengths and weaknesses. Welcome.
Let's have some fun and compare the POVs -- viz-a-viz political slant -- of this blog vs. the WSJ Health Blog and NJ Sar-Ledger's Pharmalot!

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