Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Web 2.0 Tricks for Pharma Marketers to Be Revealed September 19 in Philadelphia

After years of advising pharmaceutical marketers to avoid shady online practices, especially when using Web 2.0 tools, I have decided that my presentations, blog postings, and articles are falling on deaf ears.

What marketers really want to know is how to get away with it -- how to flawlessly perform the "Tricks of the Trade" as they say.

To satisfy that need, I am developing the

"Compendium of Web 2.0 Tricks for the Pharmaceutical Marketer: Secrets of the Masters Revealed. Everything that You Can Get Away With and Nothing that You Can’t Get Away With!"

This compendium will be available in October, 2007.

Meanwhile, I invite everyone to attend my presentation on this topic at the

THE Pharmaceutical Marketing Event
September 19, 2007 in Philadelphia, PA

This presentation will give precise instructions on how to perform the following tricks:
  • Trick #1: Google "BAdwords"
  • Trick #2: Posing as a Consumer on Social Networks
  • Trick #3: Wikipedia Sleight-of-Hand Edit
  • Trick #4: YouTube "Consumer-Generated" Video
If you cannot attend my presentation in person at 11:30 AM during the aforementioned event, you will be able to download my presentation afterward -- available only to subscribers of Pharma Marketing News. If you are not already a subscriber, SUBSCRIBE ONLINE NOW! It's FREE!

Or you can purchase the Compendium, which will include the secrets for performing these tricks and others. It will also include background collected from posts to Pharma Markerting Blog and articles published in Pharma Marketing News.

Or you can listen to the following podcast:

Gaming Web 2.0 Sites, Bad Google Adwords, Wiki Edits, Phony Meta Tags, and Other Ways to Get Around the Rules in Online Marketing.
  • Guest: Jeffrey Light, Chairman, Patients not Patents, Inc.
  • Live Podcast Date: Thursday, September 6, 2007, 2 PM Eastern US time
  • Listen Live (or to the audio archive after the show) via the Pharma Marketing Talk Channel page.
The "tricks of the trade" revealed in this presentation and compendium are for your entertainment only. DO NOT try these tricks at home or in your office without proper instructions!

You hereby acknowledge that any reliance upon any tricks or information herein shall be at your sole risk. The author reserves the right, at his sole discretion and without any obligation, to make improvements to, or correct any error or omissions in any portion of this presentation.

The tricks and information herein are provided by the author on an "as is" basis, and the author expressly disclaims any and all warranties, express or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, with respect to the tricks or the information herein. In no event shall the author be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages of any kind whatsoever with respect to the “tricks” or the information herein.

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