Friday, September 7, 2007

Hmmm...Ah! I Love the Smell of Pharma Blogosphere in the Morning!

"What do you know about surfing major? You're from goddamn New Jersey!"

We former New Yorkers living in the Philly area get a kick out locals who brag about "going down the shore," by which they mean the New Jersey shore. When we say the beaches in New York are better than those in Jersey, they stare at us blankly and exclaim, "New York has beaches?" Duh!

New York or New Jersey, surfing there sucks!

But I love surfing here in the Pharma Blogosphere, especially in the morning!

First, I look over there in the right hand to see what's going on at Pharma Marketing Blog and Pharma Marketing podcastville.

At Pharma Marketing Blog, for example, you can Meet Dr. Andree Bates, Marketing ROI Expert. Dr. Bates' glamour shot appears on the left.

Then I try CafePharma's Pharmagather, which tells who has posted what most recently. Sometimes, however, this unnerves me because I get the urge to respond to the first item on the list although it may not be the best.

That's when I switch to PharmaCentral PageFlake, where I can browse through many posts on a blog-by-blog basis rather than on a FILO basis the way Pharmagather is set up.

My personal favorite blogs are arranged alphabetically in the Inner Planet list on the right. I go to that list when I want to check up on a specific blog.

Anyway, that's my morning routine in case you were interested!

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