Friday, August 31, 2007

New Media Tricks Used by Pharma Marketers

Gaming Web 2.0 Sites, Bad Google Adwords, Wiki Edits, Phony Meta Tags, and Other Ways to Get Around the Rules in Online Marketing.

  • Guest: Jeffrey Light, Chairman, Patients not Patents, Inc.
  • Live Podcast Date: Thursday, September 6, 2007, 2 PM Eastern US time
  • Listen Live (or to the audio archive after the show) via the Pharma Marketing Talk Channel page.
Web 2.0, with its user-generated content (eg. wikipedia), blogs, and social networks, is the New WILD WILD West of the Internet!

Marketing Banditos are out there taking advantage of the system, editing content, making comments to blogs disguised as common consumers, designing Google Adwords that flaunt FDA regulations, etc. (see "Web 2.0: The New WILD, WILD WEST of the Internet!").

Self-regulation does not seem to be working. The FDA has its head buried in the digital sand. PhRMA is quiet on guidelines for Internet marketing by drug companies.

We need a new sheriff in Web 2.0 town!

Patients not Patents, Inc. founder and Executive Director, Jeffrey Light, may be just what honest folk are looking for (and maybe the last person the banditos want to see in town).

I will be having a conversation with Mr. Light on a Pharma Marketing Talk podcast, scheduled for Thursday, September 6, 2007, at 2 PM Eastern time. For more information about listening live via the Web or listening to the audio archive after the show, click here.

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