Friday, August 24, 2007

Vacation? Real Bloggers Don't Take Vacations!

Ed Silverman, blogger at Pharmalot and previously a reporter at the Newark Star Ledger is taking a vacation!

"And so for the first time since Pharmalot began earlier this year, we are taking an official vacation break. What does this mean? The usual flow of news, views and chattiness will be suspended until after Labor Day. Generally, this is a slow time of year, and we all need a respite now and then. You understand."
No, Ed, I don't understand. It's because everyone thinks like you -- "it's a slow time of year" -- that they decide to take vacations and thereby ensure it's a slow time of year!

Your blog is YOU. It's not like when you were a reporter, you know. Then you could take off as much time as you liked. The paper would continue to be published and the readers would never know the difference.

I depend on you Ed! When you're gone, I've only got the WSJ Health Blog to point out what stories are important. But they are not as prolific as you are, Ed! They only do 2 or 3 posts per day, whereas you do -- what? -- maybe 10 per day! That's at least 50-60 stories I will miss will you're away!


Pharmalot needs a pinch-hit blogger to take over when you are away. Have you asked Rost if he's available?


Anonymous said...

Rost couldn't hold Silverman's jockstrap! I, too, will miss PharmaLot! However, Ed has often written about his "short people" and I truly hope he and his family have a wonderful vacation as it is truly deserved!

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% John. Having a life and family outside of the blogosphere is absolutely no excuse for taking a break. Oh well, back to finding stories from other blogs for a week or so...

PharmaGuy said...

I'm just jealous, that's all!