Monday, December 3, 2007

Should Zero Tolerance be Applied to Pharma Celebrity Spokespeople?

Not so long ago, I called for pharma advertisers to boycott the Imus show over his infamous "nappy-headed ho" racial slur against young college athletes who never did him any harm (see "Glaxo, Pull Your Imus Ads!"). The next day, GSK and other advertisers did pull their ads.

Now another celebrity associated with the pharmaceutical industry has gone bad -- Montel Williams.

How did Montel go "bad' and what should PhRMA do about it?

Find out by reading today's post to Pharma Marketing Blog. You can also take my little poll.

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Lisa Emrich said...

Excerpt from my own blog earlier today:

Montel Williams has multiple sclerosis, as do I, and has been the visible image of PPArx since . Now I've got my own opinions as to the quality of assistance which Billy Tauzin and his Orange Bus purport to provide needy individuals. [see PhRMA and PPArx: How much are they really helping patients in need?]

Previously, I've given Williams the benefit of the doubt regarding the use of his image to promote a glossed-over PR concoction. I have no doubt wondered as to the level of compensation the Big Pharma lobby may be providing him, but I've let it go.

Is Montel Williams Disturbed by Big Pharma?