Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Insider Joins Blogger Call for Dumping Montel

Couple of things:

  1. Insider, aka Jack Friday, over at PharmaGossip has joined me in the call for PhRMA to fire Montel Williams (see story in yesterday's post to this blog).

  2. If you would like to be added to the roster of pharma bloggers calling for Montel to be fired as PhRMA's celeb Partnership for Prescription Assistance spokesperson, you can leave a comment here or join in a discussion thread I set up over at the Pharma Marketing Network Forums.
Meanwhile, while searching blogs for more Montel posts, I discovered that Montel is looking for UNPAID INTERNS to work for his management and product company (creatively named "Letnom" -- I should have named my blog Kcam; duh!). Regarding Montel's search for an intern, I kid you not! See my post today on Pharma Marketing Blog where I have created an alternative version of the job posting -- one that Montel may have wanted to write himself, but for the sake of political correctness, could not.

P.S. Thanks to Prescription Access Litigation Blog for posting the following video of the question Montel was asked by the young intern. Montel blames the high cost of Rx drugs on our litigious society and tries to stay on message.


Anonymous said...

Sack Montel? No way! The guy truly represents how the pharmaceutical industry thought leaders react to criticism, i.e bully and intimidate, rather than reason.

Long may he continue to be an arsehole. It would be better if he didn't pick on 17-year old girls, however...

PharmaGuy said...

I'll interpret that as a "Yes". ;-)