Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Friends in the Pharma Industry are Losing Their Jobs!

We've known for a long time that the pharmaceutical industry is in a recession. The results of a poll of readers of Pharma Marketing Blog that I started back in March, 2008 has consistently said so (see "Is the Pharma Industry in a Recession?" and the chart above showing recent results; go to Pharma Marketing Blog to take the poll).

We've all seen the stories of decreasing pharmaceutical marketing and R&D budgets and resulting layoffs.

Now I am beginning to hear from friends -- including at least two bloggers who work at pharmaceutical companies -- that they have "left" their jobs to pursue other activities. Rich Meyer, blogger over at "The World of DTC Marketing Blog", recently left Medtronic Diabetes -- a medical device company -- because he felt they were not investing in the "e" channel and believed that his talents could be better used elsewhere.

Lending a Hand
Jobs come and go, but friends are forever. Whatever I can do to help my friends find new jobs or get their new endeavors a head start, I will do. Here are a few ways I can help anyone who is looking for new opportunities within the pharma space:

Make My Pharma Social Network Work for You: If you are reading this, you are probably a proponent of social networking. By all means, update your profile on LinkedIn and get a Facebook page. But also consider the Forums at Pharma Marketing Network if you wish to have a platform to draw attention to yourself as an expert in pharmaceutical marketing. See "An Online Community to Call Our Own" for more information about this social network for pharma marketers.

Ways in which the Forums can help:

  • Post your resume to the Jobs Exchange Forum -- no charge!
  • Volunteer to be a moderator of one of the many discussion forums and post your opinions and other information relevant to the topic area of the forum. There are forums devoted to DTC, physician marketing, eMarketing, CME, etc. The more you post, the more search engine visibility you get and the more people will read your Forum profile, which can include your bio and other information you wish to share. Potential employers and business partners may be among the 80,000 monthly visitors to the Forums site. Contact me ( if you are interested in learning more about becoming a Forum moderator.
  • Join the Pharma Marketing Network Roundtable and be cited as an expert in Pharma Marketing News articles. The Roundtable is my advisory board that I go to first when I need expert opinion on a range of topics covered in my newsletter. It's an exclusive group of people who work inside pharmaceutical companies and in agencies or consultancies that service the pharmaceutical industry. The Roundtable Discussion Forum is a members-only, password protected forum where Roundtable members can post their opinions within a trusted community. You can use the social networking tools available to build a "buddy" list for exchanging personal messages. Apply to be a member here.
Be a guest on Pharma Marketing Talk live Internet talk show, which is also archived as a podcast. I am hosting a series of interviews of Pharma eMarketing Pioneers and would like to talk with you if you think you are a pioneer, whether you are currently employed or not. Apply to be a guest here.

I am sorry that I cannot do more. Good luck!


Brad said...

We have to start somewhere. Thanks for doing the outreach for people involved in the pharma SocNet arena.

Angela said...

Thanks for this post. It's discouraging to be in a pharma career with all this scary stuff going on in the economy. I worked with a life and career coach, Gretchen Pritts, who helped me work through all the negativity and discover what I really wanted to do with my life. I highly recommend to those who are facing layoffs that they work with a coach like Gretchen. It can really turn your life in a whole new direction. Gretchen's website is

Anonymous said...

I appreciated reading your post. With our industry, like our country, in so much uncertainty, its important for us all to stay informed and help our fellow Pharma colleagues out as much as possible.

You never know who will be next. Being a single mom of 2, I am always concerned for my job security. When I get on Cafe' Pharma, a large part of the chat is about industry changes, layoffs & other bad stuff. These are very scary times.

However, I did hear from a girlfriend that she was contacted by a recruiter looking to fill positions for Pharmaceutical Sales Reps nationwide. She said he contacted her for a Derm spot, which is what she does now. He also told her he was looking for Reps in surgical equipment sales & I think there was another Pharma Rep Job he was hiring for having to do with a new RX that just got FDA approval and is launching very soon.

Please DO NOT slam me with emails for more info!!! The contact info below is all I know about the recruiter who she talked with. She is happy with her current company & just got promoted to DM, so she didn't get into the details of the jobs.

It's either Tim Barbeau or Tim Barber (not sure) from Rx Recruitment Partners. (727) 781-9790

I believe in Karma, so let us all work together and help each other.

Have a super week!