Thursday, October 2, 2008

Check Out McCain's "Tiki Bar!"

Presidential candidate John McCain currently has one of his 7 or so houses up for sale on I learned about this from Peter Rost's Blog where you can find the link to the listing of this $12,000,000, 9 Bed, 8 Bath, 14,000 Sq. Ft. house that would cost you $65,619 per month if only you could obtain a mortgage.

Scrolling through the 13 photos of this "single-family" dwelling, I found the above photo of the outdoor "tiki bar." That more than anything bothered me.

For months now I have been dreaming of and designing my very own tiki bar that I may be able to afford after my two sons finish college. I've been looking at storage sheds that could be converted to house the bar and a portable sink connected by a hose to my house's water supply. I would run electric extension cords from my house to power the lights and small refrigerator. No thatched roof -- that would be too expensive. I notice that McCain's tiki bar also does not have a thatched roof. That much I have in common with McCain -- when I am able to get my tiki bar that is.

BTW, have you decided yet who you will vote for in November? Please take my McCain Vs. Obama. Who's Better for Pharma Survey. You can remain anonymous and will be able to view the results so far. Over 250 people have already taken this survey.


Sarah Palin said...

Are you sure that McCain is still the owner of this house? On the listing agent's website, it says that the property is scheduled to be auctioned off on October 25th, and that the seller is extremely motivated. Sounds like the person is in financial trouble. Perhaps McCain was once the owner, then someone else bought it and cannot afford the payments now.

John Mack said...

Is this THE Sarah Palin? If so, please give me a sign. During tonight's debate please rub the left side of your nose with your right index finger three times.

I think McCain should be VERY motivated right now to unload some excess real estate inventory BEFORE the election; ie, October 25th. All those properties are an embarrassment for the "original maverick."