Thursday, September 11, 2008

IgniteBlog's Fabio Gratton Used to be Tom Cruise's Personal Assistant

There are only 3 degrees of separation between me and Kevin Bacon! I know and have hung out with Fabio Gratton, who was Tom Cruise's personal assistant, and Tom Cruise was in the movie A Few Good Men with Kevin Bacon!

Fabio, as you may know, founded Ignite Health, a technology-based healthcare communications [got to correct the spelling on your LinkedIn page, Fabio] agency committed to innovating healthcare marketing. He is also the author of IgniteBlog.

Anyway, for those who care, here's Fabio's complete work history as outlined on his personal web site:

  • First job: mowing lawns (paid for my first scooter)
  • Second job: creating logos for my dad's company (healthcare)
  • Third job: Kinney Shoes (Yes, fitting shoes for smelly feet)
  • Fourth job: Mario's Restuarant, Westwood Village (fired because they thought I was stealing money from the cash register)
  • Fifth job: UCLA Alumni Annual Fund (sucked)
  • Sixth job: Intern at Paramount Pictures Story Department (learned everything I ever needed to know about screenwriting)
  • Seventh job: Personal assistant to Tom Cruise (he was good to me)
  • Eighth job: Fair-Riley-Call / Bozell (healthcare advertising)
  • Ninth job: Started Ignite Health (never looked back)
Fabio also created this rebus, which I saw on a MM&M Webcast about Pharma eMarketing ROI (see "Do Privacy Concerns Stand in the Way of Measuring Pharma eMarketing ROI?"). Can you tell me what "It" is?


IgniteBlogger said...

John--you crack me up! I can't believe you went through all this trouble. I'm flattered (I think).

As far as the "it" in the slide you grabbed from the Webcast which I didn't see (however, Novartis' Melissa Clarke did request my permission to use) -- "it" refers to the e-communication revolution ... it will not be televised. It was will be digitized, widgetized, and syndicated ... (those were the words that preceded the abbreviated version you have there). Hope that helps. Thanks for the entertainment!

BTW, what's the correction I need to make on Linkedin?

John Mack said...

"communications" needs an "i"

BTW -- want to be a guest on my "Pioneers in Pharma eMarketing" podcast?

IgniteBlogger said...

there is no "I" in communications, that was deliberate. (JK!) Yes, of course I would participate. Wrote you through linkedin.

great9124 said...

yes communication is necessary