Thursday, September 11, 2008

IgniteBlog's Fabio Gratton Used to be Tom Cruise's Personal Assistant

There are only 3 degrees of separation between me and Kevin Bacon! I know and have hung out with Fabio Gratton, who was Tom Cruise's personal assistant, and Tom Cruise was in the movie A Few Good Men with Kevin Bacon!

Fabio, as you may know, founded Ignite Health, a technology-based healthcare communications [got to correct the spelling on your LinkedIn page, Fabio] agency committed to innovating healthcare marketing. He is also the author of IgniteBlog.

Anyway, for those who care, here's Fabio's complete work history as outlined on his personal web site:

  • First job: mowing lawns (paid for my first scooter)
  • Second job: creating logos for my dad's company (healthcare)
  • Third job: Kinney Shoes (Yes, fitting shoes for smelly feet)
  • Fourth job: Mario's Restuarant, Westwood Village (fired because they thought I was stealing money from the cash register)
  • Fifth job: UCLA Alumni Annual Fund (sucked)
  • Sixth job: Intern at Paramount Pictures Story Department (learned everything I ever needed to know about screenwriting)
  • Seventh job: Personal assistant to Tom Cruise (he was good to me)
  • Eighth job: Fair-Riley-Call / Bozell (healthcare advertising)
  • Ninth job: Started Ignite Health (never looked back)
Fabio also created this rebus, which I saw on a MM&M Webcast about Pharma eMarketing ROI (see "Do Privacy Concerns Stand in the Way of Measuring Pharma eMarketing ROI?"). Can you tell me what "It" is?

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