Thursday, January 3, 2008

Riddarhuseter Rost Re-establishes Roost at Brandweek's NRx

After languishing for over a month without any word from Peter Rost, BrandweekNRx is "Baack"... sort of (hat tip to Pharmalot for that).

This bit of news is now circulating through the Pharma BlogosphereTM (see, for example, here and here).

Let's dig a little deeper and learn some more.

Here, for example, is a comment from Todd Wasserman, BrandWeek’s editor, which was reported in Pharmalot:

"We let him go in December because of lack of advertising, but are bringing him back in January even (though) we don't have ads to support him - yet. Peter is great at generating traffic and we like being able to take part in the pharma blogging discussions, so we wanted to bring him back on a month-to-month basis."
Of course, I have always wondered about the QUALITY of Brandweek's eclectic Rost-generated traffic viz-a-viz how attractive it would be to advertisers. See, for example, "What's Brandweek's NRx Strategy?" in which I said:
"If Brandweek's strategy was to get a quick jump in readership no matter who those readers are, then it has succeeded! It may more like a tactic than a strategy, however. I still remember Rost saying that his assignment may be temporary. Perhaps Brandweek intends to sell NRx and the pumped up readership can only help."
Peter J. Pitts -- pundit over at Drug Wonks blog -- had this to say in a comment to the WSJ Health Blog post:
"No revenue but a lot of traffic? What does this say about the state of the blogosphere? (I think it says that Rupert will not come calling any time soon.) It must be Rost-based accounting."
Recall that Pitts' colleague over at DrugWonks -- Robert Goldberg -- previously wished Rost luck when he first signed on at BrandweekNRX:
"I don't get all the consternation about Peter Rost becoming a journalist as opposed to a blogger. Let the guy make a steady living. At least, unlike others in the media, he makes his viewpoint known, never gets ruffled and is not afraid to fire back when challenged. I don't agree with him but I will look forward to reading him in his new perch. Good luck to the 'other' Peter."
Let's wish him luck again, and every month that Brandweek decides to "bring him back."

Of course, Rost has since donned at least one 'other' persona -- anti-pharma litigation witness for hire -- to help him "make a steady living."

Speaking of these "other" Rosts and making a living, here's a comment to the Pharmalot post from "Dan":
"A bit of trivia: Think I read on Corey Nahman blog some time ago that Dr. Rost is a multi- millionare and is a decendent of nobility. This suprised me, considering his disposition and stance on the issues facing the peasants."
I knew that Rost made a lot of dough as a Pfizer VP (about $700K per year in salary, not including bonuses), which, if he was frugal and invested in various assets, could give Rost a multi-million dollar "net worth," but I did not realize he could be descended from nobility!

Now I know why he returns to Sweden so often -- to visit his noble family at the Riddarhuset to get some cash and to be invited to speak before its Parliament!

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