Wednesday, January 16, 2008

'Round the Sphere: Rope-a-Dope-a-Pharma

Round 1: Lipitor's Jarvik is outed
Round 2: Vytorin Trial Ends In Failure - Patients Left Out in Cold
Round 3: Congress Investigates Vytorin Ads
Round 4: Congress To Probe Vytorin Insider Stock Sales
Round 5: Study Says Patients, Doctors Get Distorted View of Antidepressants
Round 6: FDA Won't be Previewing TV DTC Ads!
Round 7: Taking Statins no Better Than Betting the Lottery!

Announcer: "Big Pharma is reeling! Is this the final round? There are deep cuts over both Big Pharma's eyes (R&D and Marketing)! How much more pummeling can it take? Is this fight over?"


Anonymous said...

Change has only just started.

"First, they ignore you, they laugh at you and hate you.

Then they fight you.

Then, you win!"

Anonymous said...

Today, Pharma exists for shareholders sake. The depiction of Pharma industry as "Little Red Riding Hood" is a joke. They have unfathomable amounts of money and power and abuse it all the time. No sympathy here. I've heard too many firsthand stories of some old lady or man who has emptied out their life savings on drugs that didn't work or made things worse. For the good drugs that work, let's have more of those instead of this shareholder subsidized, ad company glossed, worthless pills.