Thursday, July 31, 2008

Welcome Back CNTO411!

Just when I was going to post something about the inactivity over at Centocor's CNTO411 blog, I see that Michael Parks, Centocor's Vice President of Corporate Communications and now CNTO411's only voice, just submitted a post about "GeneRAtions," a new rheumatoid arthritis awareness program and web site.

Parks does not get into what he has been doing since he last made a post over 2 months ago on May 20, 2008. I guess this RA awareness program gobbled up much of his spare time.

Side note: Michael, I missed you at my networking dinner reception! Maybe you'd like to be a guest again on one of my Pharma Marketing Talk show and podcast interviews and talk about GeneRAtions?
The GeneRAtions web site has this visual time line, which is shown here (click to enlarge):

An attempt is made to personalize each generation with an image of a person representing that generation. All I can say is:

Mike, don't let John McCain see this!

While the "peacenik" depicted here was kinda what I was like in the 70's -- my grandmother called me Jesus because of my long hair, beard, sandals and beads -- it is not a politically correct image for John McCain who missed out on all the fun.

I see that a black woman was chosen to represent the new millenium geneRAtion, an image that I'm sure Barack and Michelle Obama would approve of.

Of course, it would be more interesting if it looked like this:

Which is more like how McCain sees the world today!


Biff said...

John Mack wrote: Which is more like how McCain sees the world today!

Didn't you mean to write, "Which is more like how editors and readers of the New Yorker ignorantly prefer to caricature how McCain sees the world today?"

As CBS reported, "McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds quickly e-mailed: 'We completely agree with the Obama campaign, [the New Yorker image is] tasteless and offensive.'"

John Mack said...

Sure. I also have a bridge in NYC to sell you. Interested?

Michael Parks said...

Thanks for the welcome back post, John! I truly wish I could take credit for the great work done on the GeneRAtions program (and use it as my excuse for the downtime), but I was merely a spectator on this one. The feedback from patients and overall media response to raising awareness of this condition has been outstanding and I welcome the opportunity to join you again on Pharma Marketing Talk along with the project lead, Brian Kenney. I will decline comment on political statements at this point, but must warn you that I do have questions of my own about your “peacenik” phase. Look forward to talking with you soon! - Michael

John Mack said...


Let me know when is a good time to do the interview -- probably in September will be best.

re: my peacenik days. I have one or two photos and other artefacts from those times that someday I will share. But i DID have hair and lots of it! And I was thin as a rail! I "stole this book" and organized a neighborhood food coop. And went around the country visiting other "freaks." Being part of the Blogosphere is similar in many ways.