Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Are Employers Cracking Down on Pharma Blogs Written by Employees?

First I find that PharmaGiles is deceased (see "Wha Happened to PharmaGiles?") and now Pharma Fraud access is "by invitation only" and I haven't been invited!

Of course, I'm a conspiracy nut, so right away I sense that these two developments are NOT isolated and may be part of an effort by employers of these bloggers to reign their employees who speak out against the pharmaceutical industry via blogs.

[I assume that both these bloggers either work for pharmaceutical companies or agencies that make a living from the drug industry. I seem to recall reading that. I could be wrong. I hope also that whoever was writing PharmaGiles is not literally deceased!]
If true, this is much worse than AP going after bloggers about copyright infringement that Fard Johnmar over at Healthcare VOX and other bloggers in the Pharma BlogosphereTM recently railed against (see "The Battle Over Online Content").

Of course, there could be a completely different, reasonable explanation for these events.

What does your pharma "blogger radar" show?

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